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  • Puffin Browser Pro APK (Paid for free)

    Phone browsers have always been one of the most opened applications in the current smartphone era. On the iPhone, people do not have many choices because it integrates Safari too powerful. What about Android? Because it is an open platform, browsers developed on Android have more opportunities to compete. Especially, the default Android browser is just like Internet Explorer on the computer.

    Puffin Browser Pro is a web browser using cloud computing technology. It supports browser acceleration, provides users with all the basic tools during daily web surfing, and allows multiple tags to be opened in one window. Users can go to incognito online mode to protect privacy.

    We originally used Puffin Browser Pro as a mobile browser on the iOS platform. Then, it develops a PC version providing a set of features aimed at simplicity and speed, serving the diverse needs of users. Referring to today’s high-speed web browsers, we consider Chrome being superior and loved by many people. Also, Chrome has a good security mode integrated, rich add-ons. You can add many functions to the browser.

    Puffin Browser Pro supports limited bookmarks because you cannot organize your favorite web pages into folders. All you do is add bookmarks to the general list with the integrated search feature. Puffin Browser allows you to manage file downloads and browsing history, handle cookies, passwords, and pop-up windows. Unlike other browsers, Puffin Browser focuses on speed thanks to its use of cloud computing technology, the ability to choose a server to pre-process, and compress the web page you are visiting.

    General Information

    Puffin Browser Pro is a cloud-based web browser with two versions for iOS and Android. It has impressive web browsing speed. Puffin uses a remote server to load and render web pages fast with no capacity. Specifically, Puffin Browser uses a split structure in which it performs some processes on an encrypted cloud server to speed up page loading and save resources.

    With such fast web loading speed and low resource consumption, Puffin Browser is suitable for slow and low-profile computers. In some ways, Puffin is like Opera Mini. It means the browser will use the server to preprocess and compress the web page and then display it remotely and leave no trace on your mobile. It encrypts all traffic from the Puffin browser to the server to protect users safely when accessing the web on public Wi-Fi networks.

    Puffin is still being developed and upgraded continuously to create the most stable and powerful Puffin Browser. While most web browsers depend on the configuration of the computer used to display the page, Puffin Browser goes in a different direction. It uses modern cloud computing technology to display the page faster, stable, and smoother. Compare Puffin with the built-in Edge browser, you easily realize that Puffin’s page loading speed is many times faster than Edge.

    How Does Puffin Browser Pro Work?

    When you browse using Puffin’s cloud server, the page will load faster. Your computer will be more secure and will save more CPU and memory. Puffin will first load the website in high-speed cloud servers and send compressed data to your computer. Your page load speed is faster not only because the cloud server pre-processes the website but also because it compresses data.

    The cloud server also protects your computer by blocking any malicious websites from your computer. Since websites are handled by the cloud, your computer will only receive 100% secure data from cloud servers. When using the cloud server to share web browser load, you can save 50% more CPU load and memory usage compared to other web browsers.

    When you click the icon in front of the URL input box, Puffin Browser will show the cloud server’s status, like the example below.

    • Enable Cloud Server: A toggle can enable or disable the use of the cloud server for the current tab.
    • Data Savings: Monthly stats for data savings performance. Metrics are the amount of data saved. It means the amount of data the cloud server has sent to your computer minus the amount of data. The amount of data the cloud server has received out of the total amount of data the cloud server receives from the websites. A higher percentage means higher data savings. Note that video streams may not pass through cloud servers and are not included in the metrics.
    • Cloud Server IP: It is the location and IP address of the cloud server entity dedicated to your current session. The cloud server looks like a proxy server for websites. It will pass your local IP address to web servers. But some websites cannot detect your local IP address. In that case, it may show your IP address and location based on the cloud server IP.
    • Your Local IP: It is your computer’s location and public IP address Note that we estimate the country or region name from your IP address. It may be incorrect that using a VPN service will change your address.

    Cloud servers offer significant benefits to Puffin Browser users. But there may be some instances where your website or network environment does not work with cloud servers. For the current tab, click the toggle button in the cloud server status window. It will use local mode to access the web server directly until you turn on the machine cloud master’s back.

    Puffin Browser Pro APK (Paid for free) Puffin Browser Pro APK (Paid for free) Puffin Browser Pro APK (Paid for free)

    Overall Assessments

    CloudMosa has officially launched the beta version of the Puffin Browser Pro on mobile platforms. According to the information, the Puffin Browser will use the remote server system. So users will experience fast downloading and rendering web pages without consuming too much RAM resources. The computer’s CPU.

    Puffin Browser Pro is a browser using cloud computing technology, previously only available on iOS and Android. This browser uses a remote server to help you load and render web pages super-fast without affecting the resources of your device. The PC could also benefit from such cloud mining, so the company eventually brought Puffin to Windows.

    Similar to Opera Mini, the browser uses its server to pre-process and compress web pages, and remote rendering also leaves no trace on the PC. It encrypts all traffic from Puffin to the Puffin server, making Internet access via public Wi-Fi networks more secure.

    Puffin Browser’s page load speed is nearly 500% faster than Microsoft’s Edge browser. Similar to other web browsers on Windows, Puffin Browser is free and fully supports Windows from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Installing Puffin is straightforward. You only need an Internet connection to download Puffin and install some other support. After completing the installation, the familiar Puffin Browser Pro icon will appear on the desktop.

    If used for the first time, Puffin will ask you if you want to allow the browser to send browsing data to the developer’s server to improve and track usage issues. Just a few seconds of booting up, Puffin Browser Pro appears simple and has something similar to Google Chrome and Opera.

    Puffin Browser Pro APK (Paid for free) Puffin Browser Pro APK (Paid for free) Puffin Browser Pro APK (Paid for free)

    Recommended Alternative: UC Browser

    Another useful feature for you about UC Browser is advertising blocking. The application can automatically block ads most optimally and powerfully. Helping you browse the web faster and save time.

    Final Words

    Puffin Browser Pro APK uses groundbreaking JavaScript technology and a cloud platform to take advantage of the server to process and compress web pages before it displays them on a computer screen. You can surf the web wherever you are without leaving a trace through the incognito browsing mode.

    All traffic from the Puffin Browser Pro to the Puffin computer is encrypted securely to be suitable for access at public Wi-Fi hotspots. Accessing Adobe Flash content directly is not a safe solution. It may affect device performance. Puffin Browser Pro will send flash content to the cloud, block any activities at risk, encrypt the screen, and return the original Puffin application to experience.

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