Iron Desert - Fire Storm v6.6 MOD APK (One Hit)

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One Hit

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  • One Hit (for buildings)

NOTE: MOD works even in PVP mode but the possibility of ban is very high

Iron Desert – Fire Storm is a game where players build a war base and participate in many conquest battles. You will have a piece of land for yourself and can make as many buildings as you want if you meet the level conditions. At the same time, you also have the right to train many different troops to serve the battle. Each battle brings a resource for the player, and it is spent in many cases.

Iron Desert - Fire Storm v6.6 MOD APK (One Hit)


In Iron Desert, you will have a specific base with an impressive area and already built an HQ and resources production buildings. From there, you already have the necessary elements to build a base and protect it from invasions of other enemies. The first job that you will be asked to do in the gameplay is that you will be able to build a tower to protect the main base from the tanks that are gradually appearing.

After completing the level, you will begin to experience other features. You will find many elements that you can build for this facility to ensure that important buildings are not damaged. In addition, anyone will be interested in an utterly aesthetic base when arranging new buildings in a logical, controllable, and obvious way. For a strategy game, the general view is always a helpful perspective.

Iron Desert - Fire Storm v6.6 MOD APK (One Hit)


Besides building many buildings in Iron Desert, you will completely care about the weapons and vehicles you can use in war and conquest. If you want a strong army, then you will need to train new troops. Each troop has different characteristics, and of course, they will require you to reach a certain level. Therefore, you will need to increase your level through in-game activities.

Iron Desert - Fire Storm v6.6 MOD APK (One Hit)

But creating troops will take resources, and you will find a way to find a certain amount of resources over time. Specifically, you will be able to see the two main resource-producing buildings of the game. You can collect resources after a while to make these two buildings produce. Another factor is that when the HQ level is increased, the other buildings’ level will also improve. So, if you want to have a lot of money to buy and build many things, you should develop the necessary buildings.

Iron Desert - Fire Storm v6.6 MOD APK (One Hit)


Besides gathering resources by producing, players also find various battles in the Iron Desert. The rules of these matches are straightforward: you will see an enemy HQ area and other buildings. Your job is for your troops to appear and destroy everything in that environment. After you complete the level, you will receive many impressive rewards and including resources.

Iron Desert - Fire Storm v6.6 MOD APK (One Hit)

At that level, you will see a colossal tank standing quite far away. It will be the vehicle that will deliver powerful attacks on enemy buildings, but it will need a certain amount of energy to perform the attack. In addition, you will use the troops that you have trained and let them appear in a position that you feel convenient to move into the opponent’s area. From there, you’ll watch them attack and use giant tanks to attack other buildings.

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Iron Desert - Fire Storm v6.6 MOD APK (One Hit)

Version 6.6
Mise à jour le 03-10-2021
Installe 587
Taille du fichier 44 MB
Conditions No requirement
Fonctionnalités mod One Hit
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