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A Marvel world opens up in front of players and directs them to battles with their favorite heroes as they experience MARVEL Future Fight. Players will find ways to unleash their character’s potential and upgrade to different tiers. In addition, the characters possess an awe-inspiring set of skills that you can use to take down your enemies. So, do not ignore what the game brings to you, especially the new uniforms.

MARVEL Future Fight v7.6.0 APK


Players will transform into Marvel characters with awe-inspiring strength and against other characters with awe-inspiring power effects. Specifically, anyone will feel excited and absorbed in the game screen when alone against many different enemies. In addition, familiar enemies also return, and players will try to use the skills and counter system of the game to choose the right character to play in a three-player team.

Players will control the character in a third-person perspective with a joystick and buttons to control attacks and special skills. It is not a new way to control, but it gives players a completely authentic experience because they can completely transform into their favorite character. At the same time, during the game, you can also observe and move appropriately to choose the appropriate attack position and receive as minor damage as possible or use the right skill.

MARVEL Future Fight v7.6.0 APK


In MARVEL Future Fight, players will control three characters and engage in battles with multiple enemies. The number of enemies you sometimes face, not only 1-2 characters but also a group of enemies, can appear before your eyes. So, with the power of superheroes, you can overcome them completely easily and enjoy the feeling of attraction when controlling Captain America or Iron Man. But the danger will always increase over time.

One element that you will realize at the beginning of the game is that you will face regular enemies and sometimes superheroes. Specifically, in the game’s first mission, you will meet Alternative versions of the characters you control. Of course, they will not be allies but enemies that you will need to destroy. The common feature of these characters is that they have the same power as the authentic self, and it will take you time to defeat them.

MARVEL Future Fight v7.6.0 APK

Combat mechanics and strength are also affected by the counter mechanism in the game. The counter mechanism is understood as a character class that will take a lot of damage and deals a lot of damage to specific classes. That also applies in this game when three classes counter each other, and you will know what type your enemy is. So, after learning the enemy’s system, you need to choose the character to fight against these characters and have a higher win rate.


Each character in MARVEL Future Fight has a unique strength and a certain number of skills that you will get acquainted with. Some skills can be used in battle, but others will require a certain amount of energy through the character’s attacks. Therefore, this skill will usually be the last one and can deal consequential damage to enemies. In addition, you also need to pay attention to the character’s passive skills and awakened skills.

MARVEL Future Fight v7.6.0 APK

Players will spend time upgrading the power of the characters they can own. The tier mechanism determines the character’s level. Specifically, there are three tiers in the game that are tier-1, tier-2, and tier-3. Corresponding to the tiers, these are the levels that you can reach like when reaching tier-3, you can reach level 70. Also, over time, you can gain skills new to your character as you unlock new levels to enter the battle.

The game has over 200 playable characters, and for the most part, Marvel fans will want to collect as many characters as possible. One of the ways for you to achieve this is to open chests that you can find in the shop. In addition, besides the default appearance, some characters will have a new uniform to be able to equip, and the character will also completely change its appearance. So, over time, there will be characters who will receive new uniforms like Captain America: Sam Wilson.

MARVEL Future Fight v7.6.0 APK


Players should recommend MARVEL Future Fight to their friends to experience the same fun things with you. Many players can share experiences in the game, and sometimes they also have ways to help each other overcome a certain level. Once you and your friend have a link in the game, you can get support from them by participating in the challenging levels that the game brings with their character.

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