Arctictopia v1.0.0 APK (Full Paid)

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Full Paid Version

Deskripsi dari Arctictopia v1.0.0 APK (Full Paid)

Arctictopia appears based on the story of the dangerous trip of a mother and a white bear, the icebergs will break at any time, and that is a warning for the upcoming surprises. In the process of overcoming the cold winter in the Arctic Ocean, they have to separate because their travel plans are interrupted; you are the one to help them reunite. Solve challenging puzzles, notice the dangers around the iceberg you stand on, get close to your beloved child, and reunite!

Arctictopia v1.0.0 APK (Full Paid)


Arctictopia includes a system of 10 operating mechanisms, and you have the right to choose, change them, and experience over 150 different levels. The difficulty and features of each mode will increase gradually, and you should try your hand at them. This attraction and uniqueness have brought specific successes to the game when it owns millions of downloads. The services we provide can satisfy you right from the first level breaking.

Arctictopia v1.0.0 APK (Full Paid) Arctictopia v1.0.0 APK (Full Paid)


Creating a system of challenging puzzles and overcoming Arctictopia is not easy; you should prepare a wise plan and overcome them as quickly as possible. Care is never superfluous because the ice underneath your feet will melt a little after each activity, and the obstacles in front of you will also change in turn. I believe you can do it! Look at your lovely cubs lying in the distance and looking at you with expectant eyes; think of that happy reunion with the presence of cute seals.


The delicious bear cakes are the reward you receive for your bravery and ingenuity; enjoy it with your children and friends, prepare your strength for the dangers to come. Moreover, familiar graphic lines are funny hand-drawn lines that help you relieve stress, create a happy atmosphere, and attract your attention. A relaxing moment with us seems to make you even more innovative and agile when answering quizzes quickly. Go through the levels and observe the bear’s ideal frozen space!

Arctictopia v1.0.0 APK (Full Paid) Arctictopia v1.0.0 APK (Full Paid) Arctictopia v1.0.0 APK (Full Paid)


Looking at the iceberg in the distance, the bear cub is waiting for you to come to the rescue, download Arctictopia, and solve the puzzle now to save them, get the bear cake and help the bear family reunite. Describing the space of the Arctic Ocean in its own way, Arctictopia prepares unique puzzles and different emotions that will be what you will encounter when choosing us. The updated version will always bring new things, and I hope you will successfully save the bear family, have a relaxing time with the space we created!

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Arctictopia v1.0.0 APK (Full Paid)

ID com.gamtropy.arctictopia
Versi: kapan 1.0.0
Perbarui pada 15-10-2021
Menginstal 2
Ukuran file 128 MB
Persyaratan No requirement
Fitur mod Full Paid Version
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