VLC v3.4.2 APK + MOD (Final) Download

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の説明 VLC v3.4.2 APK + MOD (Final) Download

VLC is the best video player currently available to use for video streaming. This app has gained the trust of hundreds of millions of users, so you do not need to worry about the quality of this application. It has appeared on many different platforms, and all of them have received a lot of interest from users. When users come to this application, users can get a lot of the best to be able to experience. So if users are looking for an app to play videos, this is the best app on the market.

VLC v3.4.2 APK + MOD (Final) Download

Support for many different file formats

One of the most notable features of this application is that it supports all video formats that users can find on the market. Users need to find a video on the internet and use this application to play it, and the video will play perfectly. There is no need to mention some popular formats such as DVD or ISO; these are specific applications that can support. Besides, the audio file formats that the app is not currently supported, such as FLV, OGG, OPUS, or even WMA-VLC, the app also supports. This application can provide maximum support for users to get the best experience.

VLC v3.4.2 APK + MOD (Final) Download

Diverse genres

Although it is a video player, this app is not limited to that level, but also have a lot of other things. Regardless of the file type, regardless of the audio file, the application is supported by the user. So users can use this application to watch videos; users can also use the application to play audio files and many other things. So users do not need to download too many different applications to perform many different tasks. All that users need is a single application, which is this application. This will save users a lot of space to do other things, and the feature will make the job much more convenient.

VLC v3.4.2 APK + MOD (Final) Download

Open files via streaming media

In addition to allowing users to open video or audio files stored in the device’s memory, this application also provides streaming videos in online mode. For example, if a user wants to watch a video on Youtube, the user does not necessarily need to watch it there. Users can use this to play the videos they want to watch, which is very convenient for users to manipulate videos.

Watch videos or photos in 360 degrees

There are a lot of them now, but videos or pictures are shot in 360 degrees, so this app will give users this feature to use. This feature will help users to view the videos or images as generally as possible. But this feature can only be used when users have videos or pictures in 360 degrees.

VLC v3.4.2 APK + MOD (Final) Download

Customize audio or subtitles

This application will give users the ability to adjust the sound of the video or subtitles so that users can enjoy the video in the best way. Users can customize the size of the subtitles, depending on how users want. Besides, this application also provides users with a professional tool to customize the sound of the video.

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VLC v3.4.2 APK + MOD (Final) Download

ID org.videolan.vlc
バージョン 3.4.2
更新 19-10-2021
インストール 307
ファイルサイズ 26 MB
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