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  • EAD TRIGGER MOD APK 2.0.6 (Free shopping)

    Dead Trigger is an action game that combines survival elements using a beautiful Zombie theme. It is a role-playing game that makes you become the lucky ones to survive in the middle of a pandemic. Players will have to stay and fight and support different survivors together.

    Dead Trigger gives players a significant experience with simple but equally engaging gameplay. Players who like to live in the era of zombies, trying to fight and survive among the zombies, will love this game. If you are a lover of role-playing games, action, Dead Trigger is a splendid choice that you should not ignore.


    Dead Trigger is a game with a fictional plot in 2012. When science was advanced, it conducted unique experiments. The failure of those individual experiments caused a worldwide catastrophe. A military organization and anti-zombie coalition were established with the name of No Hope. However, with the continuous growth and evolution of the Zombie strains, No Hope quickly failed and disintegrated.

    For role-playing as a former member of No Hope, you will stand in the failure and disbandment of the organization and be lucky to survive the onslaught of zombies. The protagonist sought to contact anti-Zombie organizations worldwide to form a new alliance as a stronger one.

    And the result was the birth of an anti-Zombie organization called The Hideout with talented members. Will The Hideout prevent and destroy the undead or follow the trail of No Hope’s car? What will happen to the members of the organization? We will reveal all in Dead Trigger.

    Operating System


    Coming to Dead Trigger, two players will become one of the six key members in The Hideout organization. With a six-member structure including one Medic, Engineer, Gunsmith, Tech, Smuggler, and our major character, a Gunman.

    As a Gunman, the player’s major task in Dead Trigger is rescuing trapped people, destroying giant mutated Zombies, or collecting resources and materials that the organization needs.

    The manipulation of the character in Dead Trigger is straightforward and not complicated. With the automatic hitting or shooting mechanism when approaching the target, the player’s only task is to move and orient the attack to complete the job.

    If the automatic mechanism is too simple, in Dead Trigger, there will also be levels that require your marksmanship skill. These levels of fame need players to aim and fire themselves.

    EAD TRIGGER MOD APK 2.0.6 (Free shopping)

    The principal character’s items

    What do you think is in the backpack of a gunman living in the zombie era? The chief character’s inventory in Dead Trigger includes two guns to change and combat depending on the situation, a melee weapon, grenades, and medical items to heal.

    Weapons in Dead Trigger

    In Dead Trigger, the players can get a weapon through the game or put pieces of the crafting recipe together to get a complete gun. When collecting enough details of the recipe, the player can go to Gunsmith to ask him to craft the weapon in the recipe.

    The weapons in the game can also be upgraded at Gunsmith’s booth to become more robust, more mobile, and more powerful. The player can upgrade Gunsmith’s booth to improve his skills and read and craft more genuine weapons.

    Each weapon in the game except melee weapons has a certain amount of ammo. In the game screen, players can pick up more bullets from killing Zombies or from the barrels of shots that appear randomly and be fixed on the game screen. However, the number of ammo will also be limited.

    EAD TRIGGER MOD APK 2.0.6 (Free shopping)

    Combat support items

    The support weapon set includes grenades and health, and these are also things that Medic and Engineer can provide to the player. Like weapons, players need to collect crafting pieces to bring them to military medical personnel or engineers. So, they can research and create support items.

    Players can also upgrade the Medic and Engineer booths to help them read and craft more robust products. Besides the blood vessels, the player can upgrade to increase the amount of health that these blood vessels provide.

    There is also a unique support item that is the buff card. It will provide players with impressive stats, help improve survival, such as doubling the amount of health, increasing movement speed, increasing the money received, etc. And we can purchase these buffs for the player from a stall owned by a black market owner (Smuggler).

    Play mode in Dead Trigger

    There are two main game modes in Dead Trigger:

    – Story mode allows players to follow the events in the journey to find members and build The Hideout organization. Players will travel through almost all continents of the world, taking part in countless campaigns to sweep and destroy the undead. Innumerable levels of gameplay spread across the globe will give players a great experience.

    – Exceptional levels are randomly displayed on the map in locations on continents that the player has unlocked. With each group, there will be three choices of different missions, and players may choose one of three types to perform. The tasks include refueling, collecting items, defending, destroying the undead in number, protecting the target, etc. With three difficulty levels, including easy, regular, and challenging.

    EAD TRIGGER MOD APK 2.0.6 (Free shopping)

    The arena in Dead Trigger

    In Dead Trigger, the arena is the place to challenge the ingenuity, skills, and survival ability of the player. Here, players will be put into a small campus with traps, houses, ammunition boxes, and full of items to destroy Zombies. Zombies will turn on in turns with increasing numbers, becoming more difficult.

    Players will need to survive, fight, and destroy Zombies to accumulate points. The arena will end when Zombie defeats the player. We will count the player points earned towards the overall ranking of the game.

    Other features: Tech – Technology Genius

    An exciting feature comes from the position of the last character, Tech (technology researcher). Our researchers love to research and develop. So, through upgrading researchers, players will learn a lot of things to help upgrade technology in all other stalls.

    Besides the ability to invent Tech, there is another talent that is designed. Players can also shop for decorative items at Tech’s booth to help build their base become more sparkling and beautiful.

    EAD TRIGGER MOD APK 2.0.6 (Free shopping)

    Sound and Graphics

    Dead Trigger has background music with a fast, vibrant, modern style that increases the game’s excitement and excitement. The sound effects in the game are realistic. The sounds from melee weapons attacks, gunshots, to the cries of zombies are realistic and vivid. They give the players the fierce feeling of each battle.

    In terms of graphics, Dead Trigger still owns the same vibrant and bloody tone as before, with no significant improvements compared to its predecessor. However, Engine Unity still shows perfect authenticity on mobile devices. Dead Trigger also has many new maps, helping to improve the game experience for players.

    The graphics are one highlight of the game with sharp and vivid designs. Dead Trigger gives players an exceptional experience, as if they are fighting between aggressive zombies. Many various weapons with different ways to kill the undead, make the game more attractive. By traveling through countless continents, the base will help players avoid repetitive boring.

    Overall Assessment

    Like many other zombie shooting games, Dead Trigger still has a simple gameplay but is no less exciting and suspenseful. For newcomers to the first time, the Dead Trigger’s gameplay is easy to get used to after only a short time.

    We can call the control system as the most perfect for a mobile FPS game inherited with the automatic aim-and-shoot mode activated from the start. When activating this mode, players can switch between long-range weapons like guns to melee weapons quickly via a button in the middle of the screen.

    Besides the automatic point and shoot mode, Dead Trigger also adds several other play styles, such as the game screen’s appearance using gun sight. With this game mode, players will act as a gunner and protect the zombie pandemic survivors.

    This model’s unique feature lies in the ability to navigate the bullet to hit the target more accurately. It reveals another game mode right from the pictures when downloading the game. The player will destroy all the zombies in the villages from the air through a helicopter. With the plane’s fast and continuous movement, it is a challenge not easy for dreamers.

    To increase the fun for the seemingly monotonous gameplay, Dead Trigger has added some super zombie types. These mini-bosses possess unique and very tough characteristics, including:

    – The toughest Rampager with a flexible body

    – Kamikaze with a frightened body who is always carrying a barrel filled with explosives

    – Radioactive scientist, originally an atomic scientist who will instantly drain the player’s blood when neared by the effects of radiation

    – Vomitron will vomit blood bags on your friend

    – Panzer, a real super zombie, that will cause the player to waste most of the ammunition.

    To defeat these objects, players should take advantage of explosive items such as drums or use grenades.

    Another tactical change of the Dead Trigger is the inclusion of characters in the game that provide weapons, ambulance items, or auxiliary weapons such as firearms. However, it is also a brilliant way to entertain the players of the manufacturer Madfinger.

    With difficulty increasing many times, players will be very discouraged, and there will be a lot of them that spend an amount of money to speed up the game. We can only pay some upgrades for gold (G) units, which are very visible only after the player levels up. Another minus point is that the waiting time for upgrading or crafting items in the Dead Trigger is long-lasting for hours. And for faster, the only way to spend actual money.

    Recommended Alternative: Dead Target

    Perhaps gamers who love the shooter genre on Mobile are no longer too unfamiliar with the name Dead Target – the first-person shooter (FPS) game. Although it cannot be compared to many foreign blockbusters, the imprint that Dead Target leaves for gamers is undeniable.

    Dead Target was born as a perfect game, adding many extra features for gamers to continue their journey of killing the zombies.

    Dead Target’s journey takes players into a timeline of about 30 years when Zombies have invaded the world. It forces humans to live underground or inside abandoned buildings. A group of people called MPS-16 continues to search for food sources and survivors around the world.

    After they reported that a group of scientists were still alive, the MPS-16 immediately set out on a mission to rescue the scientists, hoping that they could create a drug to save a life. And Dead Valley in the Middle East is the target for this dangerous journey.

    The gameplay of Dead Target remains the same as Dead Trigger, where gamers cannot move but can only stand still and change the angle of the shot. The game is not only a simple FPS title but also a combination of gamers with each wave of Zombie continuously surrounding the player. It creates a feeling of extreme fear.


    The developer Madfinger Games has spent the past few years developing mobile versions like iOS and Android with a series of FPS game products that shoot zombies. And The most successful game is , with constant praise from experts and indisputable success in revenue.

    We also consider it as the number-one zombie FPS game on mobile devices. This free-to-play game has a relatively traditional and straightforward storyline. When a hero gets lost in the middle of a city full of zombies, in his hand is only a wrench and a shotgun, wandering around looking for a way to survive and sword-find survivors.

    The game has a pretty and easy-to-see interface, smooth animations, and graphics acceptable with a slight gore and violent game. It has over 600 missions for players to handle and work their way through various options. You, for sure, Dead Trigger MOD APK is a game not to be missed with these elements.

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    EAD TRIGGER MOD APK 2.0.6 (Free shopping)

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