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Unlimited Money

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  • Understandable and straightforward gameplay
  • Before and when in the battle
  • Build your own city!
  • Heroes and soldiers
  • Skills
  • Unlimited money
  • Game of Warriors MOD APK 1.5.11 (Unlimited Money)

    Have you ever thought about what it is like to be a mighty warrior? Reading articles and stories about them may have raised a desire to become one in you. Well, I have just got the perfect game for you to experience everything by yourself. In this world, you will become the leader of an army of warriors, guide them to battle and gain victory.

    Play365 is famous for Bus Rush, Drive for Speed, etc., games that are related to racing. However, in January 2018, they decided to launch a brand-new category about warriors. It is called “Game of Warriors”. You may think “Why do they step out of their comfort zone?”. I am glad that they did because this game is so popular that it has got millions of downloads by now. “Game of Warriors” is such a unique strategy game with distinctive styles and fascinating content, and I can tell that it will keep the players’ attention for a long time.


    Set in a magical world full of mysterious things and creatures, a leader is assigned his job to defeat other kingdoms full of evil enemies. The rival alliance has pushed the remains of human civilization to the end road, they are isolated and forgotten. But with the leader’s help, the age of darkness will eventually come to an end, and what belongs to the good side is ready to be brightened and brought back.

    In “Game of Warriors”, your main objective is to knock down every enemy that gets in your way, showing no mercy. Horses are ready, warriors are prepared to fight, the war horn will resound, and our army will destroy the rival’s walls and towers once and for all. Does that sound interesting enough for you? Let’s move on to the next part to see why this game is so warmly welcomed!


    Understandable and straightforward gameplay

    The first time I knew about “Game of Warriors” was when I saw a review video on YouTube. As I watched the video, I could not understand a thing, and I thought that this game was too problematic. However, I was proven wrong the first time I tried “Game of Warriors”. Some people may think that this game has a lot to learn and remember when it is actually such a simple game.

    Your one and only mission is to clear the enemy waves and receive surprising rewards. Nevertheless, it is also important to defend your city from wicked intruders. You are given the power to summon a diversity of heroes from humans to majestic creatures. Start training them, give them powerful weapons and armor that they need, and lead them to victory against the Goblins, Skeletons, Orcs, and Worgens.

    When players first enter “Game of Warriors”, they will be guided through a descriptive trailer and a detailed tutorial with clear instructions. The control is really simple, all you have to do is tapping on the desired objects. While playing, you can see the level, the current coins, the reinforcements, and the wall’s HP on the top of the screen. Also, do not worry if you have something urgent to do, there is a pause button, and next to it is the fast forward button on the top left of the corner if you do not want to wait.

    Game of Warriors MOD APK 1.5.11 (Unlimited Money)

    Before and when in the battle

    Before going into the battle, players must train their warriors so that the enemies will have no chance against them. Prepare your defenses for the warriors and walls against the future waves. You can do so by upgrading the skills using coins.

    When the battle begins, you will choose the unit that you want to send in the battles. It is obvious that you should choose the strongest, but do not forget about their defense level. In the later stages, things can become more difficult and harder to get through. It might look easy for some gamers, but I hope by that time, your army has gained super skills.

    There are also intriguing game modes such as Invasion or City Defense for you to try. While the Invasion mode requires you to attack and take over different cities, City Defense mode will test your defense skill as a defender.

    Game of Warriors MOD APK 1.5.11 (Unlimited Money)

    Build your own city!

    By invading and winning different cities, you are able to unite all of them together. From that, players can expand their civilization and bring back the good. There are in total four civilizations to conquer, and different commanders to lead the army. Moreover, you can upgrade the cities to gather more resources.

    Game of Warriors MOD APK 1.5.11 (Unlimited Money)

    Heroes and soldiers

    In “Game of Warriors”, there are four heroes and over thirty soldiers that can be unlocked and upgraded. You will begin with the basic soldier of the game. By completing levels after levels, players can earn coins to make them become faster and more powerful. Soldiers have different armors and weapons for each level they reach.

    Players can earn new soldiers, such as mercenaries, after passing a certain number of levels. They can be goblins in different forms and jobs, humans, etc. They are all well-designed with colorful costumes and weapons.

    Game of Warriors MOD APK 1.5.11 (Unlimited Money)


    There are three sections for you to upgrade: skills, base, and army. In the skill section, players can upgrade the battle horn which temporarily increases the unit damage or the archer which gives a 50 bonus, etc. In the base section, players can upgrade the wall archers range, towers damage, and many more. Last but not least, the melee soldiers damage, units cooldown, etc. in the army section.

    Unlimited money

    Another feature that is worth mentioning is Game of Warriors Mod APK has supported its players with an unlimited money mode. Use your coins to upgrade whatever you prefer, from soldiers to skills or cities. No more worries about the money shortage when you can conquer every level, area, and achievement with this mode!


    “Game of Warriors” has stunning designs with a remarkable environment and colorful art style. The game is designed in 2D graphics, though it is not the greatest, it is good enough for the game. The colors are amazingly harmonious, the framerate is steady, and no bugs or glitches are found. Furthermore, the music and sound effects really add to the gaming experience.


    This game has garnered a lot of attention when it was released, and the fan base is still growing day by day. “Game of Warriors” is undoubtedly one of the most popular and fascinating warrior’s strategy types of games. In general, it is a perfect game to enjoy and relax after a hard-working day.

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    Game of Warriors MOD APK 1.5.11 (Unlimited Money)

    ID com.strategygame.gameofwarriors
    Version 1.5.11
    Update on 25-03-2023
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    File size 84 MB
    Requirements 4.1
    Mod features Unlimited Money
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