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Unlimited Coins

The description of Idle Miner Tycoon MOD APK 4.70.0 (Unlimited Coins)

Idle Miner Tycoon: Gold Games is a mobile game that enables players to manage an underground mining operation, hire miners, and extract gold.


Want to make some quick money? Then why don’t you join others in this multi-billionaire industry of mining and investing. Be the owner of your own mining business as you hire workers, managers, and other equipment to start digging. Start the game with your small business, work hard, and accumulate your profit so you may expand your mining activities. Unlock new resources to collect more profit and develop your business faster. Enjoy the idle clicking tycoon game as you thrive to be the greatest mine manager in the world. Find out more about this amazing game with our reviews.


The game is essentially a mining management game with a certain level of simulation and investment. Here, you’ll become the manager of your own mining business and come up with all the necessary decision to develop your business. From hiring new staffs, buying new machines, expanding the mining, and so on. Your only goal in Idle Miner Tycoon is to collect as many profits as possible. Use the money to expand your current businesses as well as build new ones. Travel to multiple locations across the globe, dig as deep as possible and look for the most precious ores. Have the most skilled and specialized miners and managers to work in your mines to optimize the profit. Build your own mining empire and become the owner of your multi-billionaire business.


Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple and enjoyable gameplay

To start with, gamers in Idle Miner will have their chances to enjoy the simple yet addictive gameplay where you don’t have to do too many stuff to start generating profit. That being said, there is no need to tap and tap like crazy like your average online mobile games. It’s important that you automate your workflow to increase your income.

Set up your businesses and generate idle income

And speaking of which, the game introduces gamers the unique idle gameplay where your businesses can generate income even when you’re offline. You just need to set up your businesses so they can still run properly even when you’re out for a while. You don’t have to play the game all the time just to get some extra money. It’s exactly what makes this game enjoyable.

Learn about business and become a good investor

In addition, gamers in Idle Miner Tycoon are also introduced to the art of doing businesses and investing. Here, you’ll learn how to turn your small investment into profit, how to double, triple, and even multiply it many more times. Join Idle Miner and earn bountiful rewards.

Hire suitable managers on your businesses to increase motivations and satisfactions

And to optimize your profits, it’s important that you provide your workers with the necessary equipment and gears. On top of that, having someone to supervise and manage their work when you’re gone is also important. Which is why the game offers multiple managers that you can easily hire to make your businesses more profitable. You’ll find each manager having their own special tycoon boosters, which you can take advantages to increase your productivity.

Upgrade your equipment and managers to optimize your profit

Another way to optimize your profit is to have all your equipment and managers fully upgraded to their full potentials. Collect enough resources and gold so you may start upgrading your items. Have your elevator running faster and have better capacity so you can fit more worker inside. Equip your worker with better equipment so they can work more efficiently. Unlock your manager’s full potential so they can enhance your profit. However, it’s also wiser to purchase new items rather than spending money to upgrade the old ones. So, as a wise manager, it’s your job to consider the outcome.

Explore endless levels of the mine

As you find yourself in Idle Miner, you’ll notice that the mines aren’t what they look from the outside. In facts, each mine consists of a series of endless levels that could count up to the thousands. Find yourself exploring the extreme depths of the mines and collect all kinds of rare resources. Compete with other gamers to find out who can reach deeper under the mines.

Multiple mines for you to take control and manage

The game features multiple mines, each will need specific ways to control and manage. And this is because they come with unique resources that you’ll have to collect with a unique method. Find yourself traveling to multiple locations and take on over 20 different mines.

A variety of different resources

The game currently features over 15 different types of resources from the most common such as coal, goal, to the precious ones like crystal and jade. No matter what you’re having in your mine, it’s important that you work hard. That being said, you can still collect as much profit on a coal mine as working on a jade mine. Just need to deliver masses of coal every day, which is not unachievable.

Enjoy the game without internet connection

Gamers in Idle Miner Tycoon will find this game extremely accessible, not just because of the simple controls or idle gameplay. That being said, the game even allows gamers to enjoy it without the Internet connection. Just open your favorite game and you can enjoy it whenever you want.

Compete with managers from all over the world

And when you’re back online, the game also features the exciting online gameplay, which you can enjoy with other gamers from all over the world. Compete with other industrial managers in the world and climb the leaderboard so you can become the richest one. Earn your title of the world’s best Idle Miner Tycoon and collect wonderful loots.

Free to play

And despite all the exciting features, gamers would still find themselves relatively surprised to find that the game is currently free to play. That being said, Android users can easily download and install the game on their devices from Google Play Store whenever they want.

Have access to unlimited gameplay

However, if you still find the in-app purchases, and occasionally, ads annoying, then our modified version of the game will come handy. Find yourself having access to unlimited gameplay with our . Purchase anything you want without having to spend any money. In fact, your money will only go up when you make any purchases.

Visual and sound quality


The game features beautiful 2D graphics that introduce gamers to the wonderful mines through intuitive level systems. The workers and environments are also extremely interactive, it’s like they all have the spirits of their own.


With cheerful and enjoyable soundtracks, gamers in Idle Miner can feel totally relaxed and ready themselves for their next investment. Find yourself addicted to the sounds of coins flowing in your coffer.

Download Idle Miner Tycoon Mod latest 4.70.0 Android APK

Those who enjoy the idle tycoon gameplay will certainly find Idle Miner interesting. And with our interesting mod, you’ll definitely find the in-game experiences enjoyable.

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Idle Miner Tycoon MOD APK 4.70.0 (Unlimited Coins)

ID com.fluffyfairygames.idleminertycoon
Version 4.70.0
Update on 04-07-2024
Installs 715
File size 203.30 MB
Requirements 6.0
Mod features Unlimited Coins
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