Mobile Doc Scanner (MDScan) v3.9.4

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The description of Mobile Doc Scanner (MDScan) v3.9.4

Modern society requires people to work wherever they are. Especially the office staff must always be ready to receive documents from their boss. With the advancement of technology, office workers never take a break. Therefore, the gadgets that help them work faster have the opportunity to grow.

Mobile Doc Scanner (MDScan) v3.9.4

Mobile Doc Scanner (MDScan) + OCR is an application that turns a smartphone into a scanner. Documents you encounter can quickly be uploaded to your smartphone. For example, before, a hard copy is sent to you, and there is no soft copy available. If you want to have a soft copy, you will have to ask its owner or re-type it yourself with editing tools. With this application, you need to use the camera to get soft copies instantly.

Mobile Doc Scanner (MDScan) v3.9.4

Fast, automatic, and easy operation

As mentioned above, Mobile Doc Scanner (MDScan) + OCR is an automated application. If you already have a document, you will immediately receive a soft copy of it. However, the reaction speed of the application makes it more popular. For typed documents, the tag application only needs 2 seconds to recognize the writing. Besides, for documents with special scholarly symbols, the application can still convey correctly.

Handwriting scanning

Sometimes you will come across documents written by hand. This is often seen when you are in a career that is related to the education industry. Actually, it can’t be turned into a soft copy, but you can take a picture and scan it to print another sheet of paper. With this method, your document is clear and unambiguous, no matter how many times it is printed. If you use a copier, the image quality will deteriorate over time. In general, with the latest OCR technology, clear manuscripts can also be converted into digital copies with acceptable accuracy.

Mobile Doc Scanner (MDScan) v3.9.4

An intermediate archiving tool

All documents scanned through Mobile Doc Scanner (MDScan) + OCR are stored systematically. Usually, these documents will be divided into separate categories. If you do not delete them, you can find old documents anytime you want. It uses the device’s memory resources. The device memory will quickly fill up if you work with it regularly.

The solution to free up memory

If you want to free up your device’s internal memory, you can upload these files on Cloud tools. For example, if you upload something to Google Drive, it will last forever. There are also many other platforms that you can take advantage of. They are all directly connected to this app.

Mobile Doc Scanner (MDScan) v3.9.4

A few customizations that you can do to increase accuracy

Allows you to select some enhancements such as Black on White Documents, Low-light shot, Receipt;… With each document format, the application will have ways to increase accuracy. Besides, with taken documents, you can also highlight, draw, add a filter,… These features allow you to manipulate and work more easily on your phone. Moreover, it can also save files and transfer to a computer.

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Mobile Doc Scanner (MDScan) v3.9.4

ID com.stoik.mdscan
Version 3.9.4
Update on 26-10-2021
Installs 30
File size 45 MB
Requirements No requirement
Mod features Patched
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