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  • Slugterra: Slug it Out 2 MOD APK v5.1.1 (Free Shopping)

    Back in 2012, the TV series “Slugterra” was so famous that most of my friends watched every single episode and season. I remember that we could talk about “Slugterra” for hours and our teacher had to separate us from each other so that we could not make any noise. After the success of the TV series and “Slugterra: Slug it out”, Epic Story Interactive decided to launch the sequel “Slugterra: Slug it out 2” after the endless love from its fans.

    In this 2D action game, players will be able to explore different locations, meet and recruit adorable slugs as well as some fierce-looking ones. Players will dive into amazing adventures, deal with a variety of creatures and evil bosses, and have the chance to receive surprising rewards.


    Slugs are mysteriously disappearing all across the 99 caverns. Just like in the series, you will become the main hero Eli Shane with the mission is to find out the reason for their disappearance from the underground environment, find the way to bring all the slugs home, and restore their fragile energy’s balance. Along your adventure, Burpy will become your companion and help you to solve the mystery.

    “Slugterra: Slug it out 2” is a mixture of fighting and match-three puzzle elements. Players can enjoy its great storyline, recruit some of the coolest slugs, and defeat the evil bosses standing in your way. A variety of slugs with unique abilities are located everywhere and need to be upgraded all the time to gain better battle skills.


    Familiar gameplay

    If you have watched the TV series, you will see its main concept is to collect different types of slugs, train them and duel with other opponents. The game takes after its series with a twist: match-three mechanism. Players have to solve a match-three puzzle where you can match three or similar tiles to charge up your slugs.

    To defeat the rivals and bosses, players have to shoot them with slugs having special powers. Once your slug guns have been charged, your job is to tap to unleash them onto your opponent, drain out their HP and watch them knocked out. Guns are quickly charged when multiple tiles are matched in a single move.

    Watch out because the danger is everywhere in places that you cannot expect. Also, it is crucial for players to remember the world map and stay safe when playing Story Mode, players should look out for traps and avoid unexpected threats.

    Slugterra: Slug it Out 2 MOD APK v5.1.1 (Free Shopping)

    Slugs are your best friends

    As the main character, players get to meet new slugs on their journey and make friends with them. Slugs are shell-less creatures in Slugterra, and most of them are friendly and lovable, while others can be weird and scary. The developer of Slugterra is so creative with the slugs’ names, which are all so unique and adorable at the same time, for example, Bubbaleone, Jellyish, Tomato, etc.

    Each slug has its own specialties and attacks that can help you cope with the toughest opponents. By gathering resources or obtaining experience points through battles, players can level up slugs’ health, speed, damage, effect duration, and critical hit chances. After successfully crushing the enemy, players can get special chests to unlock new slugs as well as in-game coins and gems. Nevertheless, each chest takes time to open up, if waiting is consuming too much of your time, you can speed it up by using coins.

    In order to upgrade your slugs, Evolution Stones are necessary. The more powerful they become, the easier the battle with giant bosses. So far, the rarest slug in Slugterra Is Crystalyd, also known as “Tunneler Slug”. It is extremely powerful and can only be found deep beneath Slugterra’s surface.

    Slugterra: Slug it Out 2 MOD APK v5.1.1 (Free Shopping)

    Types of slugs

    Slugs can be divided into five basic elements: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and Energy. Besides basic ones, there are secondary elements: Ice, Electric, Plant, Psychic, Shadow, and Toxic. Their appearances take after their own names, for instance, if your slug is Water Elemental, it features waterpower with a blue look.

    Slugs with high experiences can evolve into a stronger form called Megamorph. There are over 30 Megamorph slug transformations for players to upgrade. Slugs with Megamorph can hit 200mph and handle the instance speeds, making slugs stronger and faster.

    Besides normal appearance and Megamorph, slugs can become “Ghoul” which is a form alternated by the Dark Energy. Ghoul slugs are powerful, yet well-trained slugs can still defeat them easily. In the TV series, Ghoul slugs are harder to have a bond with, and sometimes they can be unfriendly. In “Slugterra: Slug it out 2”, 22 Ghouls can be collected or turned into.

    Slugterra: Slug it Out 2 MOD APK v5.1.1 (Free Shopping)

    Slugs Hideout

    Slugs vary in shapes, sizes, and colors. You cannot deny the fact that you would want to collect any slug whenever you see them. Only four slugs can be brought into battle, so where will the others be at?

    Introducing Slugs Hideout, where your little buddies can hang out with each other and play with the toys that you buy for them. Despite their contrasting personalities, all slugs can live together. Slugs Hideout also helps you easily organize and choose which one you want to bring along.

    In the hideout, slugs can rest, play around on swings or trampoline. Players can interact with them, such as dragging them around.

    Slugterra: Slug it Out 2 MOD APK v5.1.1 (Free Shopping)

    Explore magical worlds

    “Slugterra” does not limit players with repetitive battles because they can explore different stunning maps where the rarest slugs can be hiding. Each map is designed carefully and beautifully, and it comes with a different chapter.

    Free shopping

    In “Slugterra: Slug it out 2”, players are supported with a free shopping feature. If you need something, buy it straight from the store because it costs nothing. If your slugs need a new toy to play with, take some from the store and please them.



    “Slugterra: Slug it out 2” looks like it comes straight out of the TV series. Every detail and color are precisely designed. There are beautiful lands with breathtaking sceneries for players to enjoy while playing. During my gaming experience, I did not find any lags or bugs. The frame rate is steady, and the graphics are splendid.


    With cool sound effects and proper soundtracks, players are relaxed and entertained at the same time. Personally, I love hearing the adorable sound of the slugs.


    Slugterra: Slug it out 2 is easy to play on any portable device, and it is an offline game allowing you to play anywhere you go. Fighting games sometimes can be tiring, but with these sweet and precious slugs, the battles seem more fun.

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    Slugterra: Slug it Out 2 MOD APK v5.1.1 (Free Shopping)

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