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  • Without having the right tool, creating stickers is a nightmare. Now you’ve got Sticker Maker that is as simple as tapping a button to make sticker packs of different shapes. Everything gets smoother with this app, especially when you have to turn a certain photo into an eye-catching sticker for your friends and family.

    The users get to make sticker packs that can hold up to 30 colorful stickers, or as many as they want. To do that, they will upload the photos straight from their gallery. And the rest of your job is to cut out the fixed shape of that photo and share it with your friends anytime you like. With such a handy tool, the users find no difficulty in owning an unlimited number of stickers with more fonts and color background options.

    General information

    Sticker Maker is highly recommended to those who love stickers but get bored with the same stickers again and again. With the app, feel free to make stickers by only utilizing pictures. Any type of image can be converted into stickers to make your chats with friends more vivid and beautiful.

    It’s a free Android application developed by Viko & Co. which allows the users to create his or her packs for the famous Whatsapp. You can also have every meme imported for creating stickers. Currently, the Sticker Maker app owns more than 10 million downloads and seems to go further than expected.

    Come to use your fingers to cut your stickers out in any shape and design you like in a minute. Things are quite easy to do since it requires no particular design skill. All you must do is download the app on the Android device and wait for it to get to work. As you know, one single pack consists of up to 30 stickers. You just need to outline any part of the image with your fingers.

    Once adding a Tray icon and three different stickers at least, you can easily import them all to WhatsApp by tapping the “Add to WhatsApp” button. Hurry to download the app, especially when nowadays, all celebrities, famous bloggers, and even any TV show has its emojis. Now it’s your turn to change your shots into emoticons.

    Sticker Maker is a good app from our observation until now because it can offer you enough satisfaction as compared to the old sticker creator of WhatsApp. Once using it, you would love the app developers to do one amazing thing for you, and that is whether they could add more creative fonts and more chances to make more stickers. It’s because it’s merely limited to 30.

    If you’re seeking a handy tool with several useful features to create more fun stickers, then this is the right option for you. However, it can get much better than that if the users have the opportunity to re-order all stickers in the group. Besides, they can also add the entire sticker instead of modifications when importing them from the sticker library.

    Doing so will enable them to organize and group the most frequently-used stickers from different packs without having to find the whole pack. Also, it’s essential to note that Sticker Maker works as a social network when permitting you to post your stickers online so the others can view and download it as well.

    Overall assessments

    By having the same function as Stickergram, an ad-free application allowing you to create and edit stickers for Telegram and WhatsApp, Sticker Maker satisfies even the hard-to-please users. Despite the shortage of animated stickers, the app is easy to use and most stickers are created with ease. But according to some users, when cutting one square or circle, you can’t do it in one shot.

    In other words, you’re obliged to drag the square for the first time or choose the option and wait for a draggable square or circle to show up. The app will be flawless and rated 5 stars right away when the cutting was a bit easier. The app usually works with all popular messengers and enables you to import your favorite emoticons in a minute.

    The whole process of creating an emoticon is quite basic – you just need to choose one image and cut out all unnecessary parts of it. Right after that, feel free to play with shade corrections and add some letters if you want. Besides, it’s possible to change shade settings and sketch anything you want.

    Once getting stickers done, upload it at the messenger or save it under png format. Or if you like, add some filer combinations to your favorite ones before adding to the upcoming images. Sticker Maker for Android is a good platform to produce funny, creative, and lovable sticker packs by using our photos, friend’s images, memes, and then share it through WhatsApp among contacts and groups.

    How to create stickers

    After installing the app successfully, the users must choose the icon “Create a new sticker pack”. Afterward, you might love to provide the name of your sticker pack and the author name of it. A brand new sticker pack is once produced and a set of 30 icons shows up where the users can add images from the gallery and files.

    Now pick out the pictures before you cut the pictures by using the fingers to make it more suitable for your required stickers. You possibly zoom the pictures in to have better cuts. Aside from that, the users can rotate the pictures or choose the image as a whole. Let’s save your stickers and add them to WhatsApp.

    In the app, you will have a minimum limit of 3 stickers and a  maximum of 30 stickers in the sticker pack for its inclusion in WhatsApp. Again, it’s a big challenge for some people to cut the stickers utilizing their fingers only, especially when they can’t create a good outline, and some users are obliged to avail stylus for outlining.

    Another irritating element to note that is most users find it impossible to add text to their stickers to make them look nicer and more creative. Well, the app does exactly what it gets introduced in the description. The only thing we would love to change here is probably the shortage of the ability to delete and rename all sticker packs during the use.

    In the long run, if you want an app to create personalized emojis for you and your buddies, Sticker Maker is a great selection for you. Just try it out, and you won’t regret it! The main attraction of the app for Android is the production of stickers using your device with pictures and the possibility of sharing it globally.

    Final words

    Sticker Maker app gets supported in WhatsApp and it’s now available in the iOS version. Though it contains ads put by the developers, the app is still the best choice for creating funny and eye-catching stickers.

    Now make your stickers, and don’t miss syncing them with the messenger you use daily. The intuitive tool here enables you to begin editing your photos and creating the badass designs at once, no matter your skill level.

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