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  • The Arcana MOD APK 2.29 (Unlimited Money)

    The Arcana: A Mystic Romance” is an adventure game produced by Nix Hydra. Players will play legendary artistic wizards and start a romantic journey. It will involve you in a murder case and struggle in a whirlwind of intrigue. There will be a romantic encounter. It is a romantic story about love, conspiracy, and mystery.

    The background of the game comes from an artistic wizard full of legends and mysteries. On the journey, he will meet the girl who makes him fall in love and will have a romantic and happy encounter with that girl.

    But it is not enough. It will also involve our artistic genius in a terrifying and thrilling murder case. The protagonist in the murder case is continually struggling in the hearts of intriguing, sophisticated people.

    What results from the mysterious artistic wizard? Each player’s decision will trigger an original plot. Is it embracing beauty, or is it stuck in a never-ending conspiracy? You will be the one to make the ultimate decision.

    Background Story

    The story is about an absolute little magician invited by the black-skinned lady and the Duchess to investigate the murder case. And the protagonist of the murder case was cold and hot inside.

    After hearing the description, you understand that this is a game with the dominant story, glass slag, and lily energy, but in short, it is adventurous. The entire course is English, but it is a daily conversation. There is no difficulty in the vernacular.

    Elementary school students can read the dictionary and understand it. Krypton gold looks a little pitted, but it’s lucky to get a small reward for the free turntable every day, and it can also restore the key every day.

    General Gameplay and Functions

    First, it is a free game on the apple store, and it can be free of krypton gold. The only thing that may affect everyone’s play is the language, which seems to be only English, and there are some unfamiliar words. As a love-oriented game, there are three target targets, the Queen, the evil doctor, and the gentle master. You can choose someone to call him, can it be the male person, the female person, or even them.

    The background was in the ancient Roman period when magic, plague, demons, tarot divination, and the Colosseum co-existed. The plot began with the Queen, who lost her husband, asking you as a diviner. They go to the palace to find a doctor who was suspected of killing the king.

    The painting style is super beautiful, and it is very distinctive. We can also use the ancient Roman style love game for fortune-telling. It is what attracted many players to download it. Each of the three targets has cuteness. Many people like the doctor the most. The blonde and bowknot wig is very suitable for him.

    Now let’s talk about the essential gameplay. As a love game, the mainline is text RPG. If you want to go through chapters and make choices, we need keys to go through sections, and some options require gold coins.

    Then there are three mini-games. For Wheel of Fortune, you can play once a day for free. You can go to minor items, collect items to see the bonus plot. The mini-game of logging the tarot card daily will give you gold coins, and you can let the target of the Raiders give you divination for free for seven days.

    The last mini-game is to roll the dice and exchange love for postcards. Three times a day, it is time to fight for character and test the European spirit. These mini-games are the source of gold coins and keys.

    Five hundred gold coins can buy an entire chapter of the target. The game has a lot of slight surprises and highlights. For example, it bases the color of the name on the dialog box of some characters of nature’s richness. There are six types of Q versions of the small animals that roll the dice in the mini-game.

    When collecting items to open the bonus plot, The special effects of the burning seal and the six characters’ profiles can also be interactive.

    The Arcana MOD APK 2.29 (Unlimited Money) The Arcana MOD APK 2.29 (Unlimited Money) The Arcana MOD APK 2.29 (Unlimited Money)

    Designs and Graphics

    Initial Page

    The painting style is more exquisite, and we can see it is an exotic story about magic. There are several primary characters represented here. The protagonist (gender and name are optional) is a magician from Vesuvius. He opened a small shop.

    There is a master named Asra, who is the character in the center of the screen. Three years ago, there was a plague in Vesuvía. Many people died, and you (as the primary character) and many people around lost a specific memory.

    At the beginning of the story, the Queen invited you to the palace. You must investigate the mystery of the count’s death. You hunt down a plague doctor who was suspected of being a murderer.

    Main Page

    There will be a prologue at the beginning of the game. After the prologue is over, there will be a line of six people. The six characters have distinct personalities, but they are all super cute!

    The key in the upper right corner is to open the chapter. The money unlocks some exciting options. You must refill the key every day. If you want to have more money, you can also watch advertisements. Also, the possibility of collecting money will not affect the final ending at all.



    Asra, a powerful magician, made us feel like a young and gorgeous kid. He showed the appearance of a very gentle and determined master, but sometimes his face would burst red.

    Asra has purple eyes with silver hair and a fancy dress. In the words of European and American players, he is a tease. This character is smart with an unpredictable personality.

    Asra is very close to MC and his snake and has a powerful desire for protection and a little wolf dog. But other things depend on the mood. It is cold and ruthless. He should be MC’s past lover. There are many secrets in my body, but he will not tell you.

    There is a strange relationship between this person and another character, Doctor Julian. And because this beautiful character has a wonderful relationship with all the characters, it feels like there are some scum attributes.


    Julian, the handsome and nervous doctor, tried to create an antidote during the plague and was the suspect who killed the earl. At first glance, he looks like a romantic and sophisticated pirate captain.

    He likes to drink in a particular tavern, but he is nervous when talking to people, and feels insecure. He always pushes the people he cares away and faces danger. Sometimes stubbornness makes people want to punch him.

    He is now living with a relative. Although he is pessimistic, he always thinks about the people around him and has a unique sense of humor.


    Nadia, the proud countess, hired you to investigate the cause of her ex-husband’s death. In short, it’s a princely shaped character, sometimes very sexy, and she feeds you on a certain CG.


    Super lovely Portia, Julian’s sister, and the maid of Queen Nadia. She is proficient in housework, cooking, and gardening. Portia is sweet and cute, just like a kitten.


    Muriel, who is silent and avoiding the world, is cursed, and anyone who has seen him will forget him, so his favorite flower is Forgotten-me-not. The game production team is cautious in the details when creating this character.
    He and Asra were originally orphans with their old friends. Later, he was forced to be the executioner by Duke Lucio and executed the prisoners in the courtroom. He wears chains on his body, is covered with scars, does not trust others, is bad at communicating with people, and has no sense of security.

    However, he is keen for companions, and his concern for you is profound. Although he looks like a big guy, he has a kind heart, lives in seclusion in the forest, raises she-wolf, likes to feed chicks.


    Lucio, Nadia’s dead husband made a deal with the devil. It traps the soul between life and death, which is the source of the plague. This person belongs to the role of the rich bastard.

    He is narcissistic. He feels that people all over the country like him. He also pays attention to appearance. He not only wants powder but also shows off clothes. He is a little party prince.

    He made a mess of the country while he was alive, and Asra hated him especially. He has two big cute dogs, and he claims to be the dog’s “daddy”, and a big white bird.

    His character’s formation may have something to do with his childhood because he has an unusually strict warrior mother. It broke one of his arms, and Asra’s father helped him make the golden arm.

    The Arcana MOD APK 2.29 (Unlimited Money) The Arcana MOD APK 2.29 (Unlimited Money) The Arcana MOD APK 2.29 (Unlimited Money)

    Extra Mini-Games and Purchases

    The lucky roulette that can be rotated once a day for free can draw money and magic props, and collect a certain number of accessories to open a minor story, such as the birthday bonus of Lady Nadia and so on.

    In the Tarot area, you can receive five gold coins every day. And you can get a free tarot prophecy in 7 days, which is genuine divination.

    The third game is exciting, called Heart Hunter. This minor game can collect postcards from six characters to you. The letters have their messages to you, which is especially interesting. You can also redeem rewards by collecting certain postcards.

    Money is costly, maybe because of tough challenges. You can buy 100 gold coins for $5, but 1,000 gold coins turn out to be $55? Buy more, but the unit price rises? Maybe the game maker has made wrong calculations in this item.

    Other Alternative: Romance Club

    For a similar recommendation, Romance Club is an entertaining romantic love simulation game. They design the game screen with a beautiful and beautiful style. The style is lovely and fresh.

    Players will encounter all kinds of love here, enjoy the sweet and sour, vibrant and creamy brought by love. The variety of game plots is even more delightful. Complete the plot challenge to achieve a beautiful romance.

    Romance Club is a game that simulates love. It has a wealth of plot tasks. The painting style of the scene is brilliant. Players will experience a warm love journey in the game. Players with a variety of characters can use them freely.

    To make a choice, each protagonist needs his own story. You can play the game one by one, read the plotting task, answer the questions, and develop it. The sweet love is yours. Interested players can download here and experience it!

    Game features:

    • The development of the story has its own decision, choose the answer according to the improvement of the question;
    • Many props can increase the value of love, strengthen the relationship between them, and develop quickly;
    • For more script tasks, each chapter will not work. The experience is vibrant and novel.

    Final Words

    The Arcana is a pleasant game. Although the plot is not particularly complicated, we consider it a work of conscience. We hope the production team can draw more detailed scenes, but it is perfect. You need not have a top level of English to play, and you don’t need krypton gold. The six characters are adorable.

    The game stands out because of its fantastic storyline and twists. Each character has forceful personalities and perfect showcase designs to attract players of all ages. Why not have fun with this fantastic game?

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    The Arcana MOD APK 2.29 (Unlimited Money)

    ID com.nixhydragames.thearcana
    Version 2.29
    Update on 25-03-2023
    Installs 129
    File size 120 MB
    Requirements 4.1
    Mod features Unlimited Money
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