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Unlimited Money

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  • Great graphics and sound quality
  • Fight the dangerous zombies
  • Four play modes in Zombie Hunter D-Day
  • Support many languages
  • Zombie Hunter D-Day MOD APK 1.0.903 (Unlimited Money)

    A zombie is a dead body that has been made alive again for a certain reason. It’s very difficult to defeat them. If the world that you live in has a lot of zombies, what will you do? Have you ever thought about that? If you have thought about what you will do, Zombie Hunter D-Day will be a place where you perform them. Zombie Hunter D-Day is a game of the action genre. The game’s full name in Google Play is Zombie Shooting Game: Zombie Hunter D-Day. In the game, you will fight many zombies. This won’t be easy. Let’s experience that in Zombie Hunter D-Day.

    Great graphics and sound quality

    Zombie Hunter D-Day is one of the games that has been built and published by Clegames Inc. Clegames Inc is a game developer from Korea founded in October, 2013. They are aiming to become a global middle-core game specialist, starting with Soul Seeker. Zombie Hunter D-Day is available on both Google Play and App Store. So you can install on mobile devices and tablets that run on Android and iOS Operating Systems. Zombie Hunter D-Day is completely free to download and is just for single player.

    Besides, 3D graphics are very smooth. You also will fight the zombies in many different environments. For example, a forest with many high trees, a city with high – rise buildings, a house or a store, … Moreover, the sharp character image makes the game more realistic. In particular, the game also allows you to change graphic quality. Low, Medium or High. The higher graphic quality will help you to experience the game better. So consider changing the graphic quality of the game. But this also will lose battery more. In addition, the sound of the game is so vivid. You can hear the sound of guns, the roar of zombies in Zombie Hunter D-Day. Furthermore, exciting background music will make battles more dramatic. You also can turn down the volume if you are in a public place and you don’t want to disturb others.

    Zombie Hunter D-Day MOD APK 1.0.903 (Unlimited Money)

    Fight the dangerous zombies

    In Zombie Hunter D-Day, a zombie virus has spread all over the world. People who are turned into zombies are looking for the survivors. And they found your remote hideaway. There was no place to run anymore. So your main mission is to defend yourself from the zombies, find a way through and get out to survive. Stay alive for 80 days, until the rescue team arrives. To perform that, you need to use different weapons to fight and defeat all zombies. In Zombie Hunter D-Day, you primarily use guns to fight. To use them, you just need to tap on the right part of the screen. Besides, you can swipe the left part to aim at the targets. In a battle, you also can use two different types of weapons. So you can tap on the exchange icon to switch to a different weapon. Moreover, you can use grenades to create an explosion and deal damage to all zombies. In each battle, you can use up to 3 grenades. The number of grenades will increase if you purchase extra grenades. In particular, you have to find the weakness of zombies such as head, chest. You will get more points if you destroy the zombie quickly. It will bring many rewards for you. So shoot the zombie’s weaknesses to be able to defeat all zombies easily.

    Zombie Hunter D-Day MOD APK 1.0.903 (Unlimited Money)

    In addition, there is a rich collection of guns that you can own. Raging Bull, Mossberg, Thumper, AKS-74U, Moe Carbine, Blaster, Striker, M249, Plasma-L, … Each gun will have four indicators (Power, CRIT, Firing Rate, and Reload). The higher these indicators are, the stronger the gun is. This will help you to destroy a lot of zombies. But it is very expensive. If you don’t have enough gold to buy the gun, you can complete a certain requirement to unlock it. For example, possess 3 or more max upgrade weapons to unlock Moe Carbine. Or you need to upgrade to Level 5 of 5 skills to unlock Raging Bull. Furthermore, the game also allows you to upgrade your guns to make them stronger. So you can consider buying the best gun or upgrading your gun to create the strongest gun. It can help you to save time.

    In Zombie Hunter D-Day, your character will have 5 special skills. Headshot, Weapon Power, HP, CRIT, and Grenade Power. Upgrade your skills to destroy the zombies faster. Various types of zombies and giant boss zombies will be a big difficulty for you. You will spend much time destroying them. Therefore, the game also provides some items such as Quick Reload, Grenade, Painkiller and Bonus EXP to use in each battle. But they aren’t free, you will have to purchase them if you want to use them. Each item also will have its own use. For example, painkiller will automatically block the zombie’s attack.

    Zombie Hunter D-Day MOD APK 1.0.903 (Unlimited Money)

    Four play modes in Zombie Hunter D-Day

    To make the game more attractive, the publisher has designed 4 modes in Zombie Hunter D-Day. This first mode is Zombie Stage Mode. In this mode, you will destroy all zombies to overcome a stage. The number of zombies will increase gradually over each stage. This makes the battles more dramatic. Zombie Defense Mode is the second mode. Zombie Defense mode is where the players can destroy masses of zombies at a time with special weapons. Coins and Gold can be obtained in this mode.

    The third mode is Boss Raid Mode. Boss raid is a fight against a strong boss zombie with the help of a drone. You will earn the coins and rewards after defeating the boss. But you only can play this mode when unlocking it. Bonus Mode is the last mode. You can play the Bonus Mode each time you clear 5 stages. Explore all modes to experience many surprising things.

    Zombie Hunter D-Day MOD APK 1.0.903 (Unlimited Money)

    Support many languages

    There are up to 15 languages in Zombie Hunter D-Day. These include English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Bahasa Indonesia, Italian, Russian, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, Japanese, and Korean. Thanks to these languages, a lot of players in the world can understand and complete the missions of the game more quickly. To change another language, you just need to open the Settings of the game and select the language that you want to use. In addition, you can play Zombie Hunter D-Day anywhere you want. Because the game doesn’t require connecting to the Internet to play. Let’s install Zombie Hunter D-Day now. There are a lot of attractive things that are waiting for you to explore.

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