Killer Bean Unleashed v3.60 MOD APK (Free Shopping)

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Killer Bean Unleashed – An extremely thrilling action fighting game genre for mobile device users, not disappointing players with this game version. Introducing a bit about the game’s plot, Killer Bean is a member of a professional assassin agency whose character is an elite assassin trusted by the organization with many essential tasks. But now that the protagonist is wickedly killed, you must dodge and destroy the enemies trying to destroy you. You have to stand up for your own life, which is really fierce because you must die if you don’t fight. The most enormous task now is to eliminate everyone who is trying to kill you. One bullet per name can destroy them.

Killer Bean Unleashed v3.60 MOD APK (Free Shopping)


The game is designed with 16 levels of gameplay, from easy to difficult. To conquer all, you have to be really good; are you really a legendary assassin or not. Those who are looking to kill you are also very good; their skills are arranged proportional to the game levels, you are not subjective, or you will die as you play. Fighting for your own survival is quite sacred. You should know the reason why you were killed like that.


Become a true Killer Bean warrior, flexibly using your character’s available skills to defeat enemies trying to kill you; every skill is flexible. You must regularly practice every day because the enemy became more and more ferocious. This is a 2D shooter game designed quite elaborately from image to sound, with a logical storyline that makes players more immersed in the game. The game scene is built in the old school. The gameplay combined with the context and vivid graphics makes the game more alive.

Killer Bean Unleashed v3.60 MOD APK (Free Shopping)


In the game are arranged extremely vivid scenes from an old school or outdoor, on top of buildings, in warehouses, … Of course, the pictures are drawn very delicately, bright colors. The sharper contributes significantly to the visuals and graphics of the game. Site-specific images such as the old school building, the building, the warehouse, and the outdoors are drawn in detail, including unique colors and color schemes. The realistic battle scene, the agile and flexible character’s movements, the bullets flying in the air destroy each enemy, creating excitement in the player. Combined with the sound that is tightly inserted into each dance step, the movement is as fast as flying after each gunshot is combined to make people feel very passionate. Those weak enemies cannot counterattack, dodge, and mobilize forces to defend, but it’s hard to resist your spells.

Killer Bean Unleashed v3.60 MOD APK (Free Shopping)


After you unlock all 12 levels, you will get more power, unique guns with features that can shoot any type of ammo; it’s magic, isn’t it, because you can be flexible ammo attacks the enemy. As long as you unlock this magic gun, you can confidently fight all enemies, run and jump quickly and wipe out all obstacles ahead. After destroying the enemies, you will receive generous rewards, valuable and valuable for the ensuing battles. Convert those rewards to upgrade more powerful guns. Upgrading more skills for the character you are playing, upgrading weapons is indispensable and quite familiar to gamers.

Killer Bean Unleashed v3.60 MOD APK (Free Shopping)

The character’s running skills are almost optimal, more specifically, the double jump in the air, as if the character is flying and firing at the enemy. Agile attack operations that make enemies unable to defend themselves while jumping high and shooting at the enemy are some of the optimal skills you should practice. When fighting, you will see how practical this skill is. When you can destroy all the enemies in the blink of an eye, it is too much of a joy. Unlock rewards when you have completed the missions, when you have destroyed the enemies, collect the full pieces on the map, finally get many valuable and useful rewards.

Killer Bean Unleashed v3.60 MOD APK (Free Shopping)

What are you waiting for? Please quickly download the game to your computer to experience flexible action, quickly destroy enemy shots, wipe the whole map? Let your gaming moments become even more fun, exciting; our game will not disappoint you. Hopefully, this product makes the player most satisfied. If you have anything that needs feedback, please give us your feedback through the mailbox we will try to modify it.

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Killer Bean Unleashed v3.60 MOD APK (Free Shopping)

ID com.KillerBeanStudios.KillerBeanUnleashed
Версия 3.60
Обновить 15-10-2021
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Размер файла 48 MB
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Возможности мода Free Purchases/Unlocked
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